Max Max has been with us since summer 2005. We lost our wonderful boy, Sabre, to cardiomyopathy at age 10 just a couplde of months earlier, and I HAD to have another boy in my life. We decided to take it slow and foster a dog. Gary brought Max along with the dog we were going to foster, but Max, unlike the intended foster, got along with our cat. He stayed, and he is now "the best boy in the world!"
Lucas Lucas was picked up as a stray and luckily ended up in Rescue. He was heartworm positive, and the treatment left him skinny and pitiful. Max and company fostered Lucas, and he caught Linda and Frank's eye because of his posted photo kissing the cat (Oscar, the King), they have several cats. Lucas is probably the "luckiest dog in the world", Linda and Frank loved him before he even arrived at their home.
Vito's Mom reports: "I'm so proud of my boy, I just have to tell you about it. Monday and Tues, we tried to take a walk, but didn't make it past the end of the cul du sac because he was pullling so much. Today, we took the 2.5 mile walk around the neighborhood and he was so good! I kept him on a tight leash, but he resisted the temptations we passed and was very obedient everytime we had to impress a neighbor. I think we'll be running together in another week or so if he keeps this up! I also wanted to let you know that I've done a lot of thinking on this and asked many people, including the Vet that I'm planning to take him to, and I just can't see him as a Vito. So, his name is going to be Deacon. He just doesn't strike me as a mob boss!" Thanks again for letting him come live with me! Update 3/30/07 - He's great! We're hooked for life:) I've had lots of company lately and they all rave about how well behaved he is. We go running everyday now. He still likes to go faster than me, but knows he has to go my pace or we don't run. I leave him out of the crate all day while I'm working now and he doesn't mess with anything. He's just an awesome dog! Everything I wanted and more! Udpate 5/23/07 - Just wanted to update you on Deacon. He's still the best dog ever! He had his first trip to the beach last weekend and loved it! He was a little timid about the water at first, but will follow me anywhere, so it didn't take long for him to get in. I attached a few pictures of our beach trip.He's great! We're hooked for life:) I've had lots of company lately and they all rave about how well behaved he is. We go running everyday now. He still likes to go faster than me, but knows he has to go my pace or we don't run. I leave him out of the crate all day while I'm working now and he doesn't mess with anything. He's just an awesome dog! Everything I wanted and more!
Bruiser Bruiser's new Mom reports that "Dante" is continuing to do really well. She had to change his name though - he's too gentle and regal to be a "bruiser", so he now goes by the name Dante. With plenty of treats, he picked up on his name really quickly. Dante and Sasha still get along really well; they get a field trip to the dog park once or twice a week, wrestle in the house most of the day, and spend a couple hours every day chasing squirrels in the back yard. Dante is the sweetest, most affectionate dog I've ever had. He's won over the hearts of several people who were previously afraid of Doberman or didn't like the breed because of their undeserved reputation (including my brother).
Eastwood Eastwood went to his new home in Malabar to liveth a cat, bird, and two females, one JRT and a pit bull. They all seemed to get along great. He was trying to mount the pit, but she was resisting and will probably have to bite him on the nose before he gives up. His new mom thought he was beautiful and he really warmed up to her. She took him for a walk with his new sporn harness and she said he was great! He is doing fantastic. I don't believe he needs a 6 month adjustment period. You should come visit us. Everybody loves him, he is the only one I let stay out when clients come to the house. He has the BEST manners my girls need to pay more attention to him. Him and Katrina play together all the time, soon as I have a chance Ill send you some new pics. Gotta get to bed talk to you soon Thanks so much for Eastwood
Reba Reba and her new family. She is 5 yrs old, B&T, C&D, now lives with three adults, two small dogs and a cat. They all get along very well together and she is a very loved family member. She will no longer interact with the DR person who lives across the street, she doesn't want to leave her new home.
Carmine There are some new pictures with his Dad who reports that he is doing great. He says that Carmine is very playful and friendly to almost everybody. From the looks of that big smile on Carmine's face, he is one happy and lucky big boy!
Samantha Samantha went to her new home and seems to be adjusting. She has some very savy Dobe people to love her who report that "she is doing much better and is responding grudgingly to training. I guess she is here to stay. She is starting to realize that she is not in charge". Good girl Samantha!!! We look forward to getting updated photos of our lovely little red girl!
Heidi Heidi, 4yr, Black & Tan, Docked Tail, Natural Ears, All Shots UTD, Heartworm Negative and on Preventive, Incontinent, but ok with meds. Loves children, fully housebroken, she has found a couch to rest on.
Hansome Hansome is doing great our lab won,t leave his side , we walk him around our yard today and took a small walk with him he did very good . He's such a gentelman with Ele our lab, right now he is lying on his pillow by the bed taking a nap. Again Gary, we want to thank you for letting us take him in our home . We will take good care of him we will be taking to our vet for a check up next week. We are so happy to have him, THANKS AGAIN. MARSHALL AND MARLENE
Gladys Gladys was with us as a foster since December 24th, 2006. She quickly fit into our little family, and as time passed, she became a family member. We just recently moved her from the "Dobergirl" page to the "Alumni" section. She is very special, and even though we've only had her for a few short months, we couldn't love her more if we had her since a puppy. Our sweet "Gladiolus" or "Glad Wrap" is officially home!!
Alexis Alexis went to her new home today in Sebring with to a Psychologist, maybe we can all get some inexpensive help now.
Max aka Blu (Blu) Max is with his new Mother Lisa here in Lake Placid. Lisa said he is a very fast learner and is working off leash full time. They go for long walks together, rides and she isn't lonely any more. I couldn't be happier with any other Dobermann, He is exactly what I wanted, "Thank you Dobe Rescue".
Riley Attached are a couple of Riley’s pictures at home. Took her out to our other place where we have 10 acres and I think that is the first time she could really run and play without being yelled at or chased. She and Thor ran the property for about an hour. When we got home she got loose from my wife and took off to the end of the black, stopped and smelled a couple of places, then turned around and ran home, just like she did in Naples. She is taking over his toy box and sleeping locations, but he is very agreeable to any company. She went to the vet today and all was well.
Chachi   Chachi is doing great! We love her so much and cant thank you enough for giving her to us. She has lost 10 lbs per our vetranarians reccommendations since we got her from you and she is keeping active and having tons of fun. I found out that we have a few dog parks in our town so she loves taking car rides with the windows down to the dog park and showing all the other dogs shes boss when it comes to playing! hehe We had a 7 month old puppy mixed breed that we had gotten for her to play with from the humane society but the puppy had a very domanant personality and Chachi had to keep putting her in her place and it was a nightmare! Chachi loves other dogs but this one I think she was jealous of or something and she would play way too rough with her so we found another home for the puppy. Chachi is happy being the only dog again though. I give her so much attention and she is always by my heels. She wakes me up every morning with licks and kisses and I dont know what I would do with out her. Shes the best dog I could have ever asked for. In the future if we ever do get another dog and can handle two of them and chachi gets along with it we would definitely want another doberman. For now though while I'm in school still, chachi is being the spoiled only child! haha. Thanks so much for checking in and I hope all is well with you! Take good care Gary and give your dobie kids lots of hugs from us!
Brandy Quick update . I know you're dying to hear how "Brandy" is doing... First off- all is well. She eats well, is lovely, no stress, simply wonderful.The bones on her back don't stick out quite as muchHer little tail never stops wiggling. She, yet, has to show her personality, I have a feeling that she was never made part of her original 'family". She does not react to her name, maybe nobody ever really 'spoke' to her, or, bothered to include her in things, play with her, interact with her - at least, that is the feeling I have. No reaction to balls, frisbees, or other playful, fun things. she has begun to look into your eyes and come out of her mildmannered shell a wee bit, however, so that's a start. Poor little girl. I'd like to put a boot up the previous owners you-know-what.
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